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Fellowships and Independent Activities Registration

Yale College students receiving a fellowship activity are required to complete an online registration. Upon registering, you will create a profile within the Center for International and Professional Experience (called a MyCIPE profile), through which you will be able to complete required pre-departure forms and access online pre-departure orientation materials.

Note: Students winning multiple fellowships only need to complete this registration once per activity.

Students traveling abroad independently for study or research for 4 or more weeks and who are not receiving any financial or administrative support from Yale can also login and create a MyCIPE profile, where they will have access to helpful pre-departure information.

Directions for Registration

  1. Click the Register button below.
  2. Select I have a NetID username and password to indicate that you are a registered student at Yale.
  3. Log in using your Yale NetID and password.
  4. On the screen that follows, select the term of your activity.
  5. Create an itinerary:
    • Dates: Enter your travel start and end dates. If exact dates are unknown, enter approximate dates. If you are not traveling for the activity then enter project/work start and end dates.
    • Location: Select the location(s) of your activity from the list. If your location is not listed, please choose the nearest metropolitan area in the same country.
    • Click the Add to Itinerary button to save the itinerary.
    • Repeat these steps if traveling to multiple destinations during the activity.
  6. Click the Apply button to proceed. You will be taken to your registration homepage.
  7. Review and submit the required documents. NOTE: if you are asked a question that does not apply (i.e. passport information, because your experience is based in the U.S.), please enter "N/A".


Question: If you have questions please e-mail for assistance.

Tip: You can access your registration homepage anytime by clicking the MyCIPE button found on the top and bottom of every page on the Center for International and Professional Experience website.