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A Letter from Dean Edwards

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Getting the most out of a period spent abroad means, we believe, some preparatory work and some adjustment of expectations. We ask you to continue on your own the pre-departure orientation that we begin with you, and to deepen your experience as far as possible. The reward will be that you build skills and attitudes that will continue to serve you well long after you leave Yale.

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The Isle of Sky, Scotland - Summer 2017

How to Make an Appointment With Us

We are always happy to see you at the CIPE office! Whether you need to drop by to get a quick question answered, or need a longer appoinment, you can find the details on how to make it happen below.

Office Hours and Location

Check below for when each unit holds office hours. The CIPE is open Monday through Friday, from 8:30AM to 5PM. We have study spaces which students are welcome to use during these hours.

(203) 432-0800

55 Whitney Avenue, 3rd Fl.
New Haven, CT 06510


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Office of Career Strategy

  • Schedule a 15-minute “Quick Questions” appointment to review your resume or cover letter while classes are in session.
  • Schedule a 30- or 45-minute appointment if you need more time!
  • Appointments can be requested in Yale Career Link, in the Advising Appt section.

Yale Summer Session

Tip: Note that the Yale Summer Session office is on the 4th floor of 55 Whitney Avenue