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Getting the Most From Your Experience

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A Letter from Dean Edwards

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Getting the most out of a period spent abroad means, we believe, some preparatory work and some adjustment of expectations. We ask you to continue on your own the pre-departure orientation that we begin with you, and to deepen your experience as far as possible. The reward will be that you build skills and attitudes that will continue to serve you well long after you leave Yale.

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CIPE Terms of Engagement with Students

In order to help Yale students to get the most out of CIPE's resources and opportunities, we have outlined our expectations. We hope that our shared commitment will lead to more successful learning outcomes for all students. What follows is CIPE's commitment to Yale students and what we ask of them in return.

Terms of Engagement: To What End?

  • To help the student develop and actively pursue a plan of action over time and across multiple experiences if possible.
  • To help students build positive relationships with others through mutual respect.
  • To help students understand the ways in which their experiences have contributed to meeting (or revising) their long-term goals and to their personal growth.
  • To help students articulate and communicate this knowledge effectively.

Because CIPE Offers...

  • The opportunity to discuss the student's plan of action with an advisor who will guide critical reflection, goal-oriented activity, and thoughtful program selection.
  • Opportunities for experiences away from campus that offer quality, safety, and strong potential for meeting goals (the student's and Yale's).
  • Support throughout the application process, after selection, during the experience, and upon return.
  • One courtesy reminder to complete requirements.
  • A culture of mutual respect for student and staff time.

In Return, Students Are Expected to...

  • Be active participants in their own development by utilizing CIPE's resources (on-line tools, advising, peers, funding, etc.) to maximal and intentional benefit.
  • Rely directly on CIPE for CIPE-related information.
  • Be able to conceptualize and express how their plans connect to their own short- and long-term development.
  • Engage with faculty, the Dean, and family members in a timely manner about plans for activity away from Yale.
  • Act as positive ambassadors for Yale College in the U.S. and abroad.
  • Respect peer and staff time by meeting deadlines, keeping appointments, and completing any requirements associated with the experience.