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Annual Report

In order to ensure that CIPE's resources and opportunities are meeting our goals and reaching as many students as possible, we collect data about our students' experiences in the U.S. and abroad, both during the summer and the academic year. In tracking our students' experiences, we are able to notice and respond to trends or needs that arise from year to year. 

Click the following button to view the 2019-20 CIPE Annual Report. See below for annual reports from previous years.

Assessment Survey Report

While we work hard to ensure that our opportunities and resources align with our goals and vision for CIPE, we also ask that students set clear goals for themselves and we carefully analyze their self-assessments, in hopes of improving our advising conversations, pre-departure preparation for students, programs, and our online resources.

Click the following button to view the 2015-16 CIPE Assessment Survey Report. See below for annual reports from previous years.

Reports from Previous Years

Click the links below to view reports from previous years.

Annual Report Assessment Survey Report
2018-2019 2012-2014
2017-2018 2011-2012
2016-2017 2010-2011
2015-2016 2009-2010

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