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For Families

Huangshan, China - Summer 2018

We fully understand the importance of communication between students and their parents and other family members in making decisions about these aspects of their undergraduate experience. We hope that parents will explore our on-line resources.

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Photo by: Sammy Landino, Grace Hopper '21, Sanders Memorial Fellowship

The Mission of the Center for International and Professional Experience

The Center for International and Professional Experience (CIPE) offers guidance and support for students and alums, and a range of academic programs and experiential activities for and in partnership with students, faculty, and alums. CIPE activities support the academic mission of the university and encourage the exploration and pursuit of personal, academic and career goals which foster the capacity for thoughtful engagement with the world beyond Yale.

Strategic Plan

Download and view the Center for International and Professional Experience's 2022-23 strategic plan. The CIPE's 2020-2022 strategic plan is also available to download.

Vision Statements that Guide the Work of the CIPE

President Salovey’s ​priorities: Access, Integration, Innovation, Excellence

Outrea​ch and Inclusion

We will reach out to students and draw them into activities that are appropriate to each student’s stage of personal and academic development.  We will ensure that CIPE supports and develops all students regardless of their individual backgrounds, financial resources, or personal identities. (Access)

Program Development

We will collaborate with faculty and other partners across and beyond Yale to develop programs and pedagogies that will support and enhance the academic mission of the College. (Integration, Innovation, Excellence)

Student Development

We will work to empower students to identify and reflect upon their personal and academic goals so that they can develop and pursue worthwhile and realistic action plans. (Excellence, Access)

Use of Technologies 

We will identify appropriate technological tools that enhance pedagogy and delivery of academic content, support students’ educational and experiential goals, facilitate and promote CIPE offerings and increase organizational efficiency, and we will implement the use of these technologies. (Innovation)

Dean's Priorities

In alignment with the Dean of Yale College’s priorities, we will develop strategies for working with students which are promote civic engagement, encourage thoughtfulness and ethical awareness in decision making, and support the development of resilience. (Excellence)

Systematic Assessment

We will calibrate our assessment instruments to document and evaluate all activities and their outcomes; to document and measure the achievement of our goals; and to collect data on the range, variety and relationship among CIPE activities and the overall effectiveness of the CIPE. We will use the assessment findings for continuous improvement, and document that use. (Excellence, Innovation)