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Huangshan, China - Summer 2018

Resources for Families

Within the Center for International and Professional Experience we have brought together a group of offices to create a student-focused division to provide advice and programming which supports Yale students as they explore the world beyond Yale. For those who are interested in study abroad resources specifically, please visit Yale Study Abroad’s ‘For Families’ page.

We fully understand the importance of communication between students and their parents and other family members in making decisions about these aspects of their undergraduate experience. We hope that parents will explore our on-line resources.

Tip: Our goal is always to help students develop independence, the ability to plan effectively and to make good decisions, a strong ethical compass, and recognition of the importance of thoughtful engagement with the community.

Fostering independence

We very much hope that you will encourage your student to take responsibility for all aspects of experience off campus. Many processes we manage with students involve firm deadlines, the management of paperwork, the understanding of regulations, the ability to communicate well with people of many different statuses and cultural backgrounds, and the ability to set priorities and to fulfil goals in a timely fashion. Through these processes students acquire skills and attitudes which will be essential throughout their lives. We find that when students set clear goals and priorities and fully own and invest in their own experience, rather than relying on the help of others, the results are extremely positive.

A Note about FE​RPA 

Because of privacy laws, including the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (or FERPA), we are not permitted to discuss student-specific information with anyone other than the student without the student’s express permission. We are always happy to talk in general terms about questions that parents may have about their students’ experience.

Additional Resources

Emergencies Abroad

Contact International SOS for assistance (call collect (215) 942-8478). If your program has staff onsite, contact them right away. You can also call Yale University’s 24-hour security office at 1 (203) 785-5555.

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